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Associate Director of R2P Scholars Network & Regional Chapters

Elliot J. Gunn

Hunter McGuire

Hunter is a third-year International Relations and Economics student interested in studying international institutions and other structured forms of cross-border cooperation. The relationship between these organizations and R2P is a topic of great interest to him, having become a research interest of his while in the Margaret MacMillan Trinity One Program International Relations Stream. Serving CCR2P as a research analyst last year, Hunter is thrilled to join the Board of Directors and looks forward to continuing the university chapters project that he worked on as an intern this past summer. He also works with the North American Model United Nations as Director of General Assemblies.


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Sergio Snabian

Sergio Snabian

Sergio is the current webmaster for the CCR2P website, having previously served as a youth outreach officer. He has had an interest in international relations for years and was glad to take part in CCR2P, especially since its goals of preventing atrocities and protecting populations from state failure resonated with his own background. He is currently enrolled as a student at the University of Toronto, hoping to become a specialist in International Relations, and volunteers for the Federal Government. Sergio will be uploading bios and photographs of CCR2P's members, including the ones you are seeing and reading right now.



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Associate Director of Recruitment

Sergio Snabian

Alex Gadoury

Alex Gadoury is a third year student at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. He is currently pursuing a major in Ethics, Society and Law- with two minors in Sociology and Political Science respectively. Alex’s involvement with CCR2P stems from a passion for international law, and the Ethical responsibilities surrounding nationhood. He finds R2P particularly relevant in recent years, where despite notable improvements there exist deep ideological rifts between UN member nations and the international community at large. In his role as associate director of recruitment, Alex looks forward promoting the CCR2P amongst peers- and further broadening the scope of an organization (and principle) that he finds deeply necessary for the world today. 

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Associate Director of Campus Engagement

Sergio Snabian

Tate Crowards

Tate is in her fourth year at the University of Toronto pursuing a double major in Economics and International Relations with a minor in Political Science. After growing up living in 7 countries, on 4 continents, Tate is especially keen to explore international development. The intersections of the R2P principle and development are especially interesting, as development and personal safety go hand in hand. While taking the TRN250 course Tate was able to explore one of the shocking events that prompted the of principle R2P, the 1971 Bangladesh Genocide, engaging in a study about a country where she spent 4 years. Tate is involved in Model United Nations and is keen to engage in lively discussions regarding international events and politics. She hopes to gain more experience with the principle of R2P and involve a new generation in positive, impactful international relations through her position with the CCR2P. 

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