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HS Network Data

Taylor Pacholko

Sergio Snabian

Taylor is a grade 12 student attending a small school located in Kinistino, Saskatchewan. She is very passionate about making a difference in the world. She is the President of the Student Council as well as the co-founder of Kinistino's Bits & Bytes Technology club. She is also a part of Model UN, drama, darts, and photography club at her school among other interests. She has a strong love of learning, especially the STEAM subjects and plans to study engineering or physical science in post secondary. Taylor takes every opportunity to be a part of outreach programs and puts her best interests into helping her community and the environment. She believes that everyone can make a difference in the world, and that it doesn’t matter if the impact she makes is small, she will continue trying to make the world a better place in any way she knows how.

Marcus Kruger

Sergio Snabian

I was born and raised in the mostly rural province of Saskatchewan. This past year, after putting in my time, I graduated from Rosthern Junior College. Being very involved in the school community through music, I was part of the auditioned chorale, concert choir, and our musical production of Sister Act. When I have time away from school and work I enjoy camping, canoeing, and photography. This next year I plan to travel to Burkina Faso with Canadian Mennonite University's Outtatown program in order to learn and serve.

Maria del Mar Cuevas

Sergio Snabian

Maria del Mar is a youth activist who is passionate about making a difference in her local and global community. In the past, Maria del Mar has served as a Trade and Economic Development Ambassador for Global Vision Junior Team Canada, where she worked to represent various sectors of the Canadian education and biotech industries in China. Currently, she is serving as the Canadian Country Coordinator for the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network. Her mandate is to bring together young people from across the Commonwealth to upscale and optimize grassroots, national, regional and Pan-Commonwealth efforts to promote peace, respect & understanding and preventing violent extremism. Her efforts aim at fostering collaboration between members and create space for policy advocacy as it relates to peace building in the commonwealth through an initiative that is completely youth-led and supported by the commonwealth secretariat. Maria del Mar also had the privilege of interning at the United Nations Association in Canada where her work focused mostly on youth outreach and coordination. Maria del Mar looks forward to interning with the CCR2P this summer and is excited to work with motivated youth who are change-makers in their communities.

Sarina Wong

Sergio Snabian

Determined to prevent and fight injustices, Sarina has channeled her efforts in a multitude of ways to try to make the world a better place. Through her experience volunteering at the Honorable Chrystia Freeland’s office, she has learned about local community issues. In her attempts to assuage some of these problems, she has raised $5000 for the Children’s Aid Foundation and served, for her third year, as the Creative Coordinator for Project 5K, a student-created federally-registered non-profit organization to educate youth on how they can combat social issues through social media campaigns. Additionally, as a researcher in Youth-led Participatory Action Research, she has collaborated with UofT postdocs and professors to identify and research social issues, ultimately sharing their findings at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education Conference. Through two years at the student-run Inspire Teen Reads, she has also used social media to promote literacy.
Sarina believes not only in helping others, but also helping others help themselves. As first a school executive, then school President and now Provincial Executive of DECA Ontario, Canada’s largest youth business organization, Sarina has instigated multiple initiatives to lead and train 13,700 student members to become independent thinkers. Similarly, as a member of her school’s competitive Mock Trial team, she has also used the skills that has made her an internationally-ranked top-witness to teach others how to advocate for themselves and whatever they consider important. She hopes that through these efforts, along with her work at CCR2P, she will be able to empower others to make changes helping to further societal progress.

Philip Ko

Sergio Snabian

Philip Ko, originally born in South Korea, deeply considers himself as a patriotic Canadian. With a strong interest in Canadian politics and passion in creating justice, Philip Ko continuously finds himself involved in NGOs and political youth opportunities to make his mark on Canadian history. In the future, he wishes to work for the security and prosperity of Canada.

Reza Qurban

Sergio Snabian

Reza is currently a high school student in Richmond Hill, Ontario soon to start his final year. He has joined and served as executive on many clubs such as Model UN, Debate and Mock Trails. He also serves in multiple non-profit organizations such as Model City Hall and Junior Economic Club of Toronto where he helps educate and enfranchise the community in the GTA. In his community, Reza helps with events such as municipal barbecues, mosque initiatives and canvassing for his Member of Parliament. Reza’s dream is to contribute to reforming the way discourse is held in Canada in order to get proper discussion and make real, informed change inside and outisde of Canada.

Bonnie Li

Sergio Snabian

Bonnie Li is a student at St. Robert Catholic High School. Passionate about economics and international affairs, she enjoys reading and research and is a published columnist. Bonnie is actively involved in her school and community, where she takes part in several organizations, sports and instruments. As part of Model United Nations, she is keen to engage in live discussions regarding international politics and economics. With a bi-cultural background, Bonnie is particularly interested in international human rights and development. She is highly excited to be an intern for CCR2P. Working with sincere dedication, she hopes to gain deeper insight into the principle of R2P and to assist in the research and advocacy of human rights.

Cindy Zhang

Sergio Snabian

Cindy is a student going into Grade 12 at St. Francis Xavier Secondary School in Mississauga. Because of her passion of volunteering and communicating with others, she aspires to spend her life working with nonprofit organizations and advocating for world issues. She is also passionate about bubble tea, and mind stimulating conversations on the future of AI and whether we currently are living in a simulation. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her sister and friends, blasting music, or catching up on sleep.

Khalida Elsadati

Sergio Snabian

My name is Khalida Elsadati and I am passionate about inspiring change within my global community. Over the years, my passions for student leadership and social justice have led me to work with several non-profit organizations and lead many student initiatives. I believe that education is invaluable and thus, work tirelessly through my volunteerism to ensure that students around the world have the same opportunities that I do. Beyond the scope of my extracurriculars, I am also highly academic and welcome new challenges with an open mind. From organizations like the TDSB’s SuperCouncil and Mooreland’s Neighborhood Service, I’ve looked for outlets where I could raise my voice and find meaningful solutions to issues that I care about.

Jennifer Ma

Sergio Snabian

Jennifer is an IB student going into Grade 12 at Bayview Secondary School. Though she plans on pursuing a career in the sciences, creativity and humanitarianism has always been at the core of her interests. After working closely with global NGOs such as Free the Children and SJMF, her sense of connection and responsibility toward the people in impoverished communities around the world has prompted her to spread a similar mindset. Jennifer hopes that her work with CCR2P as a high school intern shows the youth learning about global issues that action can be taken and change can be made.

Kandeel Imran

Sergio Snabian

Kandeel Imran is a strong youth leader who is dedicated to advocating for commendable causes through her work at various non-profit organizations. She has volunteered as a Board Member for Dr.Roz's Healing Place, a Mission Evaluator for L.I.G.H.T, a Youth Leader for Youth Link Diversity Project, and an Events Coordinator for Prime Leaders of York Region. She holds strong leadership skills and hopes to continue her activism through her prospective career in law.

Sydney Tsuyuki

Sergio Snabian

Sydney Tsuyuki goes to the University of Toronto Schools. Passionate about international development and human rights, she has taken part in youth outreach programs for Engineering Without Borders, and Model UN. Sydney is also dedicated to being a global citizen, having participated in exchanges to France and Korea and volunteering regularly at local cultural centers.

Jacqui Ye

Sergio Snabian

Hello! I’m Jacqui and I’m a grade 12 IB student at St. Francis Xavier SS in Mississauga. My interests and hobbies include books, politics, economics, debate, art, and online poker (don’t worry, it’s play chips). My passion for human rights and global humanitarian issues first came when I joined my school’s Model United Nations club. I realized that the humanitarian issues we were discussing in conferences were very real, even though they seemed so far away. I wanted to do more than write inconsequential resolutions and directives. I wanted to help in the real world. Today I am proud to be a global citizen who is dedicated to making sure that human rights around the world are being respected and CC2RP gives me the opportunity to make my voice heard, create awareness for these global humanitarian issues, and create change.

Taaha Hassan

Sergio Snabian

Muhammad Taaha Hassan is an aspiring lawyer who hopes to help those less fortunate than him. Although his primary interest lies in law, he has many hobbies that he loves to do during his spare time; a major one being public speaking and debating. Taaha is an avid member of the University of Toronto Schools (U.T.S.) Speech and Debate Society with much success. Debating has fueled a passion for knowing and understanding events of the past and the present, and is a large reason why Taaha wishes to pursue a career in domestic and international affairs. Taaha understands the importance of learning in everyday life, and is always open to learning experiences.

Celine Mano

Sergio Snabian

Hi, my name is Celine and I’m a grade 12 IB student from Mississauga! My interest in R2P and international affairs had its humble beginnings when a clueless - but curious - grade nine student stumbled upon a Model UN club in her school. Fast forward a few years and I’m proud to say that I’m not quite as clueless, but I still remain as curious as ever about the world around me. There is nothing that intrigues me more than an open and diverse discussion about global affairs and international issues - and nothing that stimulates me more than thinking critically about the numerous issues faced by society. Apart from international affairs, my interests vary. I can usually be found reading, sketching, biking, (not) doing homework, or making corny jokes - all while drinking unhealthy amounts of tea.

Raluca Gondor

Sergio Snabian

Raluca Gondor is going into her senior year at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. She has a strong passion for business, international development, human rights, and law. She is involved in Junior Achievement, MGCI's Social Justice and Equity Committee, her school newspaper, and a variety of sports teams. Having taken grade 12 Canadian and International Law, she has also gained a legal perspective into international affairs. Through this internship, Raluca is looking forward to learning more about R2P as well as educating others on its principles, its importance, and a variety of human rights issues.

Manas Chawla

Sergio Snabian

Manas Chawla is a grade 10 student in Don Mills Collegiate Institute. Passionate about international relations, economics and global affairs he founded a youth-led think tank called The Youth Journal. He is actively involved with Model United Nations in his school. He is also a staff writer for The Global Millennial and his articles have been featured in Newsweek. In the future, he hopes to pursue economics at the University of Toronto. Manas looks forward to working with the entire CCR2P team this summer!

Sonya Zhang

Sergio Snabian

Sonya Zhang is a grade 12 student pursuing the IB Program at White Oaks Secondary School. In the last few years, she has tried her best to pursue her diverse interests, ranging from film, to entrepreneurship, to business, to poetry, and now, to international relations with the Canadian Centre for the Right to Protect. She is particularly interested in exploring how film and media can be used as a medium to stimulate conversation about sensitive topics to a wide audience.

Samantha Ling

Sergio Snabian

Samantha is an incoming first-year student at McGill University. In the past, she has worked with the Premier's Council on Youth Opportunities and represented Canada at the United Nations Youth Assembly. She is passionate about using social entrepreneurship to drive global change and looking forward to working with the CCR2P as an intern.

Sarah Jejo

Sergio Snabian

Sarah Jejo is an IB diploma student who calls Mississauga, Ontario her home. She is passionate about human rights and advocacy, and has worked with the CCR2P in two summer internships. In her free time, she volunteers with Big Brother Big Sisters of Peel and plays the violin with the Mississauga Symphony Youth Orchestra. She will be entering her final year of high school in the fall, and hopes to continue pursuing avenues for advocacy after graduating.