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HS Network Data

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Manas Chawla

Sergio Snabian

Manas Chawla is a grade 10 student in Don Mills Collegiate Institute. Passionate about international relations, economics and global affairs he founded a youth-led think tank called The Youth Journal. He is actively involved with Model United Nations in his school. He is also a staff writer for The Global Millennial and his articles have been featured in Newsweek. In the future, he hopes to pursue economics at the University of Toronto. Manas looks forward to working with the entire CCR2P team this summer!

Sonya Zhang

Sergio Snabian

Sonya Zhang is a grade 12 student pursuing the IB Program at White Oaks Secondary School. In the last few years, she has tried her best to pursue her diverse interests, ranging from film, to entrepreneurship, to business, to poetry, and now, to international relations with the Canadian Centre for the Right to Protect. She is particularly interested in exploring how film and media can be used as a medium to stimulate conversation about sensitive topics to a wide audience.

Samantha Ling

Sergio Snabian

Samantha is an incoming first-year student at McGill University. In the past, she has worked with the Premier's Council on Youth Opportunities and represented Canada at the United Nations Youth Assembly. She is passionate about using social entrepreneurship to drive global change and looking forward to working with the CCR2P as an intern.

Sarah Jejo

Sergio Snabian

Sarah Jejo is an IB diploma student who calls Mississauga, Ontario her home. She is passionate about human rights and advocacy, and has worked with the CCR2P in two summer internships. In her free time, she volunteers with Big Brother Big Sisters of Peel and plays the violin with the Mississauga Symphony Youth Orchestra. She will be entering her final year of high school in the fall, and hopes to continue pursuing avenues for advocacy after graduating.

Elyse Blondell

Sergio Snabian

Elyse is a grade twelve student in the GTA. After high school, she hopes to pursue studies in international relations and law. Elyse joined Model Untied Nations at her school to be able to learn and debate about international relations and diplomacy. She is passionate about discussing international events and human rights.

Ayman Mobin

Sergio Snabian

Ayman Mobin is a grade 12 student at Central Peel Secondary School. She is an active member in her community, whether it be in school clubs or councils within the Peel Region. Leadership and advocacy are a natural part of her life as she takes on roles and initiatives to create a positive change. As the Vice-President of her schools Student Activity Council, she enjoys networking and speaking to students of all ages. Through her 4 years in DECA, Ayman has grown from a shy grade 9 to the President of the Central Peel DECA Chapter. Councils in Peel, such as the International Humanitarian Peel Youth Council, the Girls Empowerment Movement and the Brampton Multicultural Youth Council have given Ayman opportunities to stand up for what she believes in and make a change within her community. Throughout her life, Ayman wishes to continue to advocate for a solution to issues that are prominent in her community, region or even country.

Katherine Gotovsky

Sergio Snabian

My name is Katherine, and I am a grade 12 student passionate about computer science and international affairs!

This internship appealed to me because of my family history. I am the descendant of Iraqi-Jewish refugees, who fled brutal persecution on the basis of their religion, and Holocaust survivors. My interest in human rights, and my desire to promote R2P, stem from this personal experience with victims of genocide.

Over the course of my internship at the CCR2P, I hope to combine my background in computer science with my passion for human rights to educate Canadians about R2P and spread awareness of R2P-sensitive situations in the world today (e.g. Syria, South Sudan, etc.).

Leo Xu

Sergio Snabian

Leo Xu is a senior high school student at Bayview Secondary School in Richmond Hill, Ontario. His personal relations to victims of war crimes fuels his driven interest in global humanitarianism and international relations. He studies in the IB programme and looks forward to gaining a global perspective and learn alongside the CCR2P community to create meaningful change. He enjoys playing the saxophone and training on the Dragon boat in his free time, while always looking forward to meeting and hearing the story of someone new. Leo can be contacted at

Taylor Pacholko

Sergio Snabian

Taylor is a grade 12 student attending a small school located in Kinistino, Saskatchewan. She is very passionate about making a difference in the world. She is the President of the Student Council as well as the co-founder of Kinistino's Bits & Bytes Technology club. She is also a part of Model UN, drama, darts, and photography club at her school among other interests. She has a strong love of learning, especially the STEAM subjects and plans to study engineering or physical science in post secondary. Taylor takes every opportunity to be a part of outreach programs and puts her best interests into helping her community and the environment. She believes that everyone can make a difference in the world, and that it doesn’t matter if the impact she makes is small, she will continue trying to make the world a better place in any way she knows how.

Henry Hughes

Sergio Snabian

My name is Henry Hughes, and I am a 16 year old SHAD from Oshawa Ontario. I am from a family of six children, so I'm very active in many spaces. I enjoy music, as I'm in multiple choirs, and play the cello. I have recently started to play basketball, and have always been interested in sports. I am currently ranked 17th in the country for Rubik's cube solving, and this passion of mine is something I'm very interested in. In the future I'm thinking of a career in the fields of computers or engineering, and I enjoy math, science, and computer programming.
-Henry Hughes

Brendan Arciszewski

Sergio Snabian

Since I could walk, I have been obsessed with computers. This prompted me to join the robotics club in grade 4, and to become a member of a more competitive team in grade 9. I have been able to attend the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) World Championship three times. Due to all of this, I will now be attending the University of Waterloo for Mechatronics Engineering starting this fall.
I have also been able to participate in several other extracurriculars. I have played on basketball, competitive hockey, and competitive soccer, but I enjoy all sports. I have also been a member of my school’s cross-country team. Furthermore, I was the Altar Server Coordinator at my parish for the past two years.

Morgan Smith

Sergio Snabian

Morgan Smith is a seventeen year old from Nova Scotia attending grade 12 at Central Kings Rural High School. She enjoys being apart of sports teams, clubs like beyond borders and dancing. Morgan has taken part in the Leaders in Training (LIT ) program at Brigadoon the past three years. She has passion for history, science, social science and hopes to pursue a medical career in later years.

Mostafa Koura

Sergio Snabian

Mostafa is a high school student from Halifax, Nova Scotia entering grade 11, International Baccalaureate program in the school year 2017-2018. He was born in Egypt. Mostafa has a passion for drawing; he has illustrated a published children’s book and is looking to continue this hobby. He enjoys 3D construction, designing and building small projects, as well as participating in outdoor activities such as soccer and swimming. He has an interest in studying engineering. Mostafa completed the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) based SHAD program at McMaster University and became a SHAD fellow as of July of 2017 which has led him to participate as an intern in the CCR2P. Mostafa has an interest in studying engineering.

Sophie(Somin) Kim

Sergio Snabian

Sophie Kim is a student at Vincent Massey High School in Brandon, Manitoba. In June 2017, she was offered an internship with CCR2P through the SHAD summer program, which she completed in July. While she had no knowledge of the organization beforehand, she was immediately intrigued by it and was motivated to take a part in CCR2P and the R2P norm it promoted, especially since it applied not only to Canada but the global community and stood for the vulnerable people of the world. Although her main interests in school lie in the sciences, outside the classrooms she enjoys club activities and volunteering. Apart from them, she loves to spend time playing piano and reading.

Emallie Morin-Barich

Sergio Snabian

Emallie is going into her final of high school at l'école Monseigneur de Laval PSQV in Regina, Saskatchewan. She’s continuously getting involved her school’s clubs such as being the vice president of her student council and a member of the yearbook committee. Along with her studies and after school activities, Emallie has assisted in teaching dance, baton twirling, and acrobatics to younger children in her community. She enjoys helping those around her and the lessons that come with it. She hopes to be able to help even more people thanks to this wonderful opportunity with CCR2P.

Paris Liu

Sergio Snabian

Paris just completed the SHAD program at the University of Saskatchewan and is going into Grade Eleven at AB Lucas Secondary School. She participates in a variety of extra-curricular activities, including dance, piano, badminton, cross country, band and student council. Paris is passionate about the environment, human rights, and issues like the ones the CCR2P deals with; she is excited to work with the CCR2P this summer as a SHAD intern!

Matthew Van Oirschot

Sergio Snabian

Matthew is an alumni of the Catholic Central High School Class of 2017 in London, Ontario. He will be continuing his studies at the University of Toronto in the fall of 2017, in the Engineering Science Program. Matthew has been recognized as a top academic leader at both the local and provincial levels, and is also an accomplished athlete on various varsity school teams, as well as being recognized by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association for academic and athletic distinctions.

Arslan Azeem

Sergio Snabian

I am a business student in Regina, Saskatchewan who regularly participates in case study competitions and debate tournaments. With interests in agriculture, logistics management, data science, and sustainable technology, my goal is to one day establish my own NGO in Canada that addresses the world's global food security issues from a lens of sustainable economic development.

Mina Shin

Sergio Snabian

Mina is going into eleventh grade as an International Baccalaureate student at her high school. She recently spent a month of her summer at SHAD, an academic summer program, which challenged her to think beyond the scope of her own knowledge. As a SHAD fellow, she hopes to create impacts in both her local and global community. She is excited to learn and engage in the R2P principle as a summer intern at the CCR2P.