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Reports & Partner Contributions

CIC Series on "Canadian Voices on R2P |

The Eight Lessons of Rwanda | By Hon. Irwin Cotler

Peacekeeping Does Not Have to Wait | By Roméo Dallaire

How Much “Law” Is There in “International Law”? | By Bob Rae

The Role of the Churches in the Rwandan Genocide |By Lois M Wilson

Renewing R2P |By Lloyd Axworthy

Today’s Digital Witnesses Can Prevent Tomorrow’s War Crimes |By Robert Muggah

Returning to the Responsiblity to Protect |By John Duncan

Protecting R2P From Misuse |By Maria L. Banda

Time For Canada to Recommit to R2P |By Naomi Kikoler

Learning Something, Not Everything |By Michael Valpy

Protecting the Responsiblity to Protect |By Hugh Segal

New Tools to Prevent Mass Atrocities |By Christopher Tuckwood

CIC: When to invoke Responsibility to Protect: The case for Iraq | By Tina Jiwon Park and Victor MacDiarmid

CIC: Our Responsibility to Prove Assad Wrong | BTina Jiwon Park

CIC: The Clock is Ticking: Canada and the referral of Syria to the ICC | By Naomi Kikoler

CIC: Recommitting to R2PBy Victor MacDiarmid and Patrick Quinton-Brown

Brazil Announces its Arrival at the UNBy Victor MacDiarmid

Brazil’s “Responsibility While Protecting” Proposal: A Canadian Perspective | By Jennifer Welsh, Patrick Quinton-Brown and Victor MacDiarmid

R2PLive Report 1 | (last updated March 28, 2015)

R2PLive Working Paper Series No. 1: R2PT 


Work in Progress

One Earth Foundation: R2P & Private Sector

On June 23, 2014 at the Council on Foreign Relations office in Washington, D.C., Ms. Tina J. Park, Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for R2P, presented on a panel discussion on the role of the private sector in Kenya in preventing election-related violence, based on the One Earth Foundation’s newly released report.  Ms. Park’s presentation remarks focused on the relevance of private sector in advancing R2P’s three-pillar approach. For more information on the event, please click here.

Ms. Park and Mr. Victor MacDiarmid, Co-Founder & Managing Director of the CCR2P, will be participating in the forthcoming book by the One Earth Foundation on the role of private sector in implementing R2P. The OEF convened a workshop at the U.S. Institute of Peace on June 24th with the participating authors.

In The Media

On February 27th, Advisory Board Member Naomi Kikoler spoke on TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin. The video can be accessed here.