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Copy of Become a CCR2P Youth Ambassador

The CCR2P Youth Ambassador Program

The CCR2P Youth Ambassador Program is meant to give an elite cadre of exceptionally gifted, passionate, and resourceful highschool students the opportunity to become individual representatives of the CCR2P in their schools and communities across Canada.

Ambassadors are tasked with facilitating engagement with R2P in their communities in a self-directed, sustainable, and entrepreneurial fashion. Due to the selective nature of the position, Ambassadors will complete rigorous introduction to the principle of R2P.  Moreover, they are expected to give a report of their activities and future plans to the CCR2P once every month. At the end of their tenure, Ambassadors will be given a special letter of commendation for their outstanding service to the advancement of R2P.

How to Apply:

There are three steps to the application process: 

  1. Complete the form and short essay below and send a copy of your CV to us at
  2. If your application is successful, we will contact you to arrange an interview either in-person or over Skype
  3. Following your interview, we will then notify you as to whether we can offer you the position of Youth Ambassador. At that time, you will have 30 days to accept the offer and complete our R2P educational toolkit. Upon successful completion of the toolkit, you will then be officially recognized as a Youth Ambassador of the CCR2P. 


Name *
(If available for in-person interview in downtown Toronto, please indicate here as well)
In 500 words or less, tell us (1) Why your are interested in working with the CCR2P, (2) Why you believe R2P to be important, and (3) how you plan to facilitate engagement with and awareness on R2P in your community.
CV *